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Wood Gasification Systems

Main Building Wood Gasification System (Installed 2009)


  • Wood Gun E500 pressurized wood boiler (on left). Manufactured in Pennsylvania. Rated at 500,000 BTU/hr.
  • Garn 3200 non-pressurized wood furnace (on right). Manufactured in St. Anthony, MN. Rated at 500,000 BTU/hr.
  • System designed and installed by Jerry Lilyard, Sun Energy, and KMI (Brainerd, MN). Covers 100% of winter heating needs.
  • $350,000 investment, funded by DEED grant (state of MN) and the Deep Portage Foundation.
  • Burns through 85 cords of wood in a typical winter. Savings over old propane system: $35,000 average per year, depending on price of commodities.


Fire in Wood Gun Boiler & Wood Gun 4000 Gallon Storage Tank.

Interpretive Center Wood Gasification System (Installed 2011)

  • froling-wood-gasification-systemFroling FHG Turbo pressurized wood boiler. Manufactured in Austria. Rated at 170,000 BTU/hr.
  • Installed by Jerry Lilyard, Sun Energy (Brainerd, MN).
  • $42,000 Investment, funded by the Deep Portage Foundation.


Great Hall & Dining Hall Fireplace Inserts

  • fireplace-insertTwo Regency Classic I3100 Fireplace Inserts, manufactured in the Canada and Installed by Wilkining Fireplace (Walker, MN).
  • Each unit is rated at 75,000 BTU and produces a burn that is 75% efficient.
  • $10,000 investment, funded by the Deep Portage Foundation.