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Renewable Energy

Since 2009, Deep Portage has installed several energy saving systems. We’re now using wood gasification, a wind turbine, and a few different solar systems – including a rooftop array on our Great Hall, a solar hot water system, and solar furnaces. In 2012, we also installed two fireplace inserts to increase the efficiency of buring wood in our Great Hall and Dining Hall.

The solar hot water system has saved thousands of gallons of propane and can produce water temps of 170F on a sunny day. By using the wood gasification boilers, not one gallon of propane has gone to heating the buildings ( Main lodge and Interpretive center). Due to wind generation credit and purchasing Green Credits from Crow Wing Power our campus can now be regarded as Carbon Neutral. It cost nearly $ 875,000 to achieve this, however education and demonstration grants have covered $650,000 of the total cost!! Thanks to the State DEED grants, LCCMR grants and Federal DOE grants and the many individual donors to this campaign. Please click on the links to the left for more details on each system.

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