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How do I schedule a trip?


STEP ONE: Call or e-mail Deep Portage at program@deep-portage.org. Tell them your group size and find out which dates are available. After booking a trip you will receive a confirmation letter restating your group size and dates of the trip. If your group size should drop by more than 10% of your confirmed number, please notify Deep Portage asap.

STEP TWO: A Deep Portage staff member will work with you to set up a class schedule.

STEP THREE: You will receive the class schedule and your assigned room numbers in the mail. Please divide the students into learning teams. These teams are labeled A-G and there should be approximately 15 students per team. Please assign students to their rooms using our room assignment sheet.

Get a Room Assignment Sheet Here

STEP FOUR: Visit Deep Portage!

STEP FIVE: Upon your departure, you will be billed. Payment is expected within thirty days.


Due to the number of groups visiting Deep Portage, we ask that you observe your scheduled arrival and departure times. To assure a speedy check-in, please have room and group assignments prepared in advance. On the last day of your visit, please be prepared to move out of your dorm rooms by 9:00 am unless otherwise arranged. This allows our housekeeping crew time to clean the rooms for the next group. We ask that everyone clean out the rooms as much as possible.


Please call 1-888-280-9908 to get current rate information for your group.

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