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The Deep Portage astronomy lesson conforms to what the sky has to offer. We have 30 slides that show the students up close pictures of the planets in our solar and moon system. If the sky is clear we move out onto the pond or an open field where students can locate the moon, planets, and constellations in the night sky. We also set up our telescope on the deck behind the dining hall; this is a perfect opportunity for them to practice focusing. If the sky is clouded we have an indoor lesson which allows us to be flexible. A popular indoor activity allows the students to create their own constellations and story.


Bat Program

Bats are fast becoming a favorite mammal for many students. Bats help with insect control, pollination, and their guano holds an important decomposing bacteria. As they view an amazing slide show, your students will learn all about bat ecology, explore myths surrounding bats, and learn about the important niche that they occupy in the natural world.


Blanding's Turtle Hurdles

Put on your running shoes and get ready for an action packed endangered species class. The Blanding’s Turtle is a beautiful reptile that is not around in large numbers. Students learn about 7 Minnesota turtle species with a focus placed on the Blanding’s Turtle. The population limiting factors for turtles are daunting. You will live a year in the life of a turtle. Dodging predators, cars, and water pollution are just some of your worries. Don’t forget those dastardly nest predators! This is an ideal spring evening program.

Campfire Program

We will join you and all of your students at a good old campfire circle. This is an hour of storytelling, jokes, skits, songs, and many smiles. We usually conduct the campfire on your last night. It is a nice closing to a busy day.


Dress a Beaver

Dress a Beaver teaches students about the basic beaver morphology, behavior, habitat and life cycles. Together they will “dress” their classmates as a beaver to increase their knowledge of the adaptations beavers have that allow them to live in their habitat.


Night Hike

This class is recommended for small groups. Students experience the natural world at night and test their senses. How do our eyes adjust? What can we hear? Stories and moon watching are just a few of the fun activities you will encounter on this hike.


Nocturnal Hunters

Nocturnal Hunters is perhaps the single most popular course offered at Deep Portage. This predator/prey simulation teaches students about population dynamics and the ecology of northern owls and their prey. What makes owls unique from other raptors? How do owls hunt for their prey? Students will have the opportunity to become an owl and hunt for prey.


Wolf Howling

It is hard to think of a more charismatic mammal than the timber wolf. Everyone is fascinated with these majestic predators. This class explores pack structure, behavior, and communication. Students participate in a pack simulation where they must rejoin with their leader (alpha) by howling. Wolf Howling is enjoyable for young and old alike.

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