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Deep Portage Bird Observatory

bird-observatory-logoThere were plenty of birds to go around this past year, and we once again found that Cass County is as good a birding area as one could expect, maybe better. By the end of 08 we had confirmed sightings of 244 different species in the county, the same number as 2007. The number may have been the same, but the names and places were very different. Highlights from the past year include a Golden-Crowned Sparrow on Pelican Island (thanks Mick Lord and Kim Eckert), a Western-Clark’s Grebe hybrid at Kabekona Narrows (thanks Julianne and Greg Proper), a Prairie Falcon chasing a Buff-breasted Sandpiper (both rare) at the Longville Sewage Lagoons, three different Northern Mockingbirds, a Varied Thrush in Hackensack, two Sabine’s Gulls at the Walker Sewage Lagoons, Black and Surf Scoters at Lake Winnie, and an irruption of White-Winged Crossbills. All told it was another year of learning about and exploring our area’s birdlife and habitats. Thanks for supporting Deep Portage, and good birding!

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