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Meeting on Bass Pond, 1973

Our History…

Fay L. Harrington founded Deep Portage Conservation Reserve in 1973. The Cass County Commissioners set aside tax-forfeited land for the construction of a conservation education and resource management campus.

The Resource Heritage Center (RHC) was opened for the public in 1987. Deep Portage has been providing quality environmental education programs and services for over 15 years. The RHC provides an education site with classrooms, dining hall, a theater, an indoor climbing wall and bed space for 175 occupants.

Deep Portage is located on 6,307 acres of beautiful glacial hills, lakes, rivers and bogs. The forest type is predominantly aspen and the balance consisting of red, white and jack pine with some red and white oak. Wildlife abounds on the reserve. Deer, coyote, bear, fisher, and porcupine are just a few of the local residents. Big Deep Lake is 100 feet deep and the reserve is located on more than a mile of natural undisturbed shoreline.

It is operated by the Deep Portage Conservation Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation, for people of all ages. Open to the public, it is a place where community, education, and the environment come together. There are hiking trails to enjoy, an interpretive center to explore, and educational programming available year round.


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